Learning Tablet Reviews

Educational and Learning Tablet for Kids Reviews

Your child is getting bigger and you are looking through the various Learning Tablet Reviews to see which one is the best fit for them. A learning laptop is an electronic tablet developed especially for children to learn on. They will love playing and learning on their learning tablet and feel “grown up” since they have their own laptop now.

Learning Tablet Reviews

Learning Tablet Reviews

A Learning Tablet often comes with a variety of games, applications, videos, digital books and flash cards. Some of the tablets also come with a camera for your child to be able to take pictures with and store them on the tablet’s drive. Although it may seem that games, videos, applications are just for fun – they’re not. They are there for various educational learning as well as for fun. Learning made fun is often the motto of the manufacturers who create these tablets. It encourages them to learn while playing and a lot of times, they won’t even realize they are learning new things because it is so well integrated and hidden in the “fun” for them.

One of the more well-known Learning Tablets is LeapFrog LeapPad. LeapPad makes a variety of different tablets and learning devices but the LeapPad Explorer is made for your children ages 4 to 9 years old. This particular table has all of the games, books, videos, applications as well as a camera and video recorder.

Education Tablet for Kids Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013 Best Deal was only $59.99.

While reading the Learning Tablet Reviews for this LeapPad Explorer, parents were very pleased with how it operated and how much their children loved playing with it and learning on it.

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In this era, people of all ages and backgrounds are embracing the use of technology in their every day to day life. The education sector is no exception to this. Various companies have introduced tablets for kids as an educational tool. Tablets for kids are gaining popularity due to their not only educational features but childish views that connects with kids as opposed to books. The process of using them is also very interactive and the kid has to be alert at all times.

Benefits of Using Kid Tablets

  • They are easily portable. You do not need piles and piles of books for different topics.
  • It is an entertaining way to learn. They come with colourful pictures kids can relate to.
  • They are expandable. As kids grow, you can add more age related educative programs as they come with large memory storage.
  • It is interactive as kids use them rather than sit and observe a teacher or guardian explain in theory. This helps develop mental growth as well as physical growth.

Some of these Educational Tablet for Children products include:

Fuhu NABI NABI2-NV7A 7-Inch Tablet

This is a 7 inch tablet for kids that runs on an Android 4.0 Cream Sandwich operating system. It comes in a variety of colours meant to cater for the kid’s preference. The shape of the kids tablet is ideal for children since it offers a firm grip of the gadget. The tablet can access the internet which allows for access to information. It has an icon for chores list which allows the children to plan for their day and keep track on what needs to be done.

This tablet for kids does not only teach responsibility but also encourages education and knowledge. At a price one hundred and ninety nine dollars and ninety nine cents, an individual can purchase this gadget for the child. However, during this festive season, customers can enjoy a five percent discount and buy the tablet at one hundred and eighty nine dollars and ninety nine cents only.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition (7-Inch with Carrying Case and Stylus)

This tablet for kids runs on an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system. It is available in a variety of colours and comes with a bumper case. This case ensures the safety of the kid’s tablet in the event it is fallen or bumped against another object. This tablet for kids comes well equipped with a painting application. This application can be used to improve a child’s talent and to educate them as well. Your kids will enjoy drawing with the stylus.

During this season, one can purchase this tablet for children at a price of one hundred and ninety nine dollars. This is a thirteen percent discount from the original price of two hundred and twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids’ Learning Tablet, Green

This tablet for kids is ideal for children between the ages of four and nine. It has a hi-res screen to resist screen damage in case it falls. It comes equipped with Wi-Fi and kid-safe web. The Wi-Fi will enable the kids to access information from the internet in areas where there is wireless internet. The kid-safe web is used to regulate the information that can be accessed from the internet. The kid-safe web is a safe place where kids can access information that is within their level. Kid-safe out of the box, LeapPad Ultra offers extra parental settings to easily control exactly what experiences a child can access.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Educational Tablet for Kids

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet for kids is a product from the Samsung Company that is targeting kids. It runs on android operating system, 1.2 GHz processor, 7.4 inches wide, has an 8GB flash memory and a 1GB RAM memory. It also comes with preloaded children’s applications which include games, camera, paint tools e.t.c

With kids as their target market, what are its features that make it suitable for this specific target market? In order to attract kids, it comes in a brightly colored interface.

Why parents should consider buying it for their kids

Durable Case

Its case is made of durable material that will support kid’s carelessness as it may be dropped from time to time. Samsung understands kids and they have provided this device so as to help your kid learn while at the same time not having to worry about the occurrence of an accident.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition Bumper Case

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition Bumper Case

Parental Control Provision

It comes with parent control and they can manage and limit what their children can access without a worry. As a parent, we understand that every child has an age that is suitable for certain activity. No need to worry about purchasing a new product as your kids grows. You just need to release the apps that you had barred when they were younger.

Provision of Set Time Limits

With the capability to set time limits, parents can balance the time between play time and learning time. Kids need both these aspects to grow healthy and bright. The games are also interactive which means that their bodies get to exercise and the educative sessions grow their minds. Parents can now create a balance between the two.

Affordable Price as an Educational Tablet

It is relatively affordable considering it not only acts as a play companion for your child but also educates them.

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Best LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids’ Learning Tablet for Children Review

An Advanced Learning Tablet for Kids

LeapFrog understands how un-friendly the Internet can be for kids and they have helped solve this issue with the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids’ Learning Tablet for Children. This Ultra Tablet is the excellent educational, reading, and learning tool for kids. Android use by other tablet manufacturers are not always kid friendly, but LeapFrog uses software and apps that are purposefully designed for kids to use in a safe environment.

Parents will need to help kids get started using the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra, by connecting it to a Wi-Fi network, enter your location, then create a four-digit password. The LeapPad Ultra will ask that a kid’s profile be set up in the Profile Manager, as a matter of fact, three individual profile accounts can be created. Simply, input your child’s name, gender, school grade and birthday. The LeapPad Ultra is designed for ages 4 to 9 and what is so great about the Ultra is that it is designed to each of these ages and educational level.

LeapPad Ultra Tablet Is Kid Friendly

Parents, your role is not finished, I know that protecting your child is of the utmost importance and so does LeapFrog. This is why, under the Profile Manager setting, parents can set certain options for monitoring the type of content that their child[ren] uses. You will see that the login screen of the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids’ Learning Tablet for Children, features a password locked “Parent Mode.”

Parents and guardians, will enjoy their ability to use a password to protect the apps that their children can download. Also, parents can disable or activate the “buy” button, especially when the kids are browsing through the apps. The additional features of the LeapPad Ultra Tablet include the ability for parents or guardians to not only provide a password for certain features, but they can also remove its LeapSearch Web Browser feature.

The “Pet Chat,” is a kid-to-kid friendly app connection which lets kids use safe and friendly LeapFrog characters and virtual pets to be their emoticons. This app has proven to be a great learning and reading feature, as kids help teach each other as they communicate together.

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